The Best Websites on Specific Roman Aqueducts

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Aquaportal / Annotated Web resources on Roman aqueducts


  1. Diocletian aqueduct to Split


  1. France / Gallia A. Blanchet: Recherches sur les aqueducs ... (1908), an early inventory of aqueducts in Gallia, present France and surroundings
  2. Arles and Nimes
  3. Bavay in French
  4. Barbegal
  5. Bellegarde in French
  6. Carhaix in French in French
  7. Cahors in French
  8. Frejus isee Aqua Foroiuliensis (and other (Spanish) towns), in Spanish
  9. Lyon I in French
  10. Lyon II in French
  11. Lyon III the basic French book of C. Germain de Montauzan: Aqueducs antiques de Lyon (1908)
  12. Lyon-Gier I in French
  13. Lyon-Gier II including a nice report about a journey to the aqueduct of Carthage (in French)
  14. Metz I in French
  15. Metz II in French
  16. Metz III in French
  17. Nimes I in French
  18. Nimes II in French
  19. Nimes III - the touristic one
  20. Paris / Lutèce in French
  21. Saintes I in French
  22. Saintes II in French


  1. Köln/Cologne website of the Friends of the aqueducts, in German
  2. Köln/Cologne Leaflet in German


  1. Hadrian's aqueduct in Athens


  1. Bible walks with info about over 10 aqueducts in Israel:
    Caesarea, Acre / Akko, Sepphoris, Beit Yerash, Emmaus / Nicopolis, Megiddo, Dor, Hippos, Banias etc


  1. Cassino in Italian
  2. Naples
  3. Serino aqueduct to Misenum

  4. Rome I German, Christian Presche, general, with a beautiful map
  5. Rome II Roger D. Hansen, water and wastewater, from
  6. Rome III Italian, Il Pinolo, beautiful photo's
  7. Rome IV Andrea Pollett, 4 chapters, from Roman to present times
  8. Rome V Al Schlaf, two chapers, aqueducts under Augustus
  9. Rome VI Arthur Krispin in 'Anistoritum' on the Aqua Marcia
  10. Rome VII André Caron, models of aqueducts in Rome


  1. Raspetzer qanat in Walferdange (mainly in French)


  1. Aqueduct of Skopje


  1. Qanat and Aqueduct of Rabat


  1. Nijmegen Dutch folder including a nice map


  1. (13) Ancient aqueducts in Serbia in Serbian
    Ancient water supply in the area of Upper Moesia and the SE part of Lower Pannonia (N. Mrdjic)
  2. Viminacium Roman town and fortress, some 90 km east of Belgrade (Serbia).


  1. Traianus website with info about over 10 aqueducts in Spain en France:
    Albarracin to Cella, Frejus (Fr), Italica, Lyon-Gier (Fr), Segovia, Tiermes etc (in Spanish)
  2. Almunecar
  3. Huelva in Spanish
  4. Lugo in Spanish
  5. Sevilla in Spanish
  6. Segovia


  1. Aspendos
  2. Aspendos and Perge
  3. Byzantium/Constantinopel
  4. Ephesos
  5. Milete

United Kingdom

  1. Dorchester only visibble substructions
  2. Leicester earth works, an aqueduct?

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