Water Supply and Management in the Near East, 63 BC - AD 636

Main parts of the text of the PhD-thesis of Z. Kamash (Oxford, 2006)

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Cistern in the SW desert near
Humaima, Jordan.
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Chapter 1: the text

Chapter I-1: Water resources in the East
Chapter I-2: Water technology in the Near East before 63 BC
Chapter I-3: Water lifting devices
Chapter I-4: Dams
Chapter I-5: Irrigation techniques and installations
Chapter I-6: Aqueducts in the rural landscape
Chapter I-7: Water management in cities and towns
Chapter I-8: Water supply in public bathhouses and latrines
Chapter I-9: Water supply and management in the domestic sphere
Chapter I-10: The role of water in industrial processes
Chapter I-11: Conclusions

Chapter 2: the figures

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Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5-1
Chapter 5-2
Chapter 6-1
Chapter 6-2
Chapter 7-1
Chapter 7-2
Chapter 7-3
Chapter 8-1
Chapter 8-2
Chapter 9
Chapter 10

Chapter 3: miscellaneous


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