Conimbriga (Portugal)

Roman aqueducts: Chersonissos (Greece) Condeixa-a-Velha - CONIMBRIGA
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The Conimbriga aqueduct starts at Alcabideque where the original collecting basin of the spring water is still used as the local village pond. Next to the pond are the impressive ruins of a castellum which acted as a cleaning basin. After 3,5 km the water entered to the town of Conimbriga partly carried by a substructure and ending in a castellum aquae of complex structure, the actual purpose of which is still unclear (cleaning tank and / or basin to slow down the speed of the flowing water ?) After passing this structure the water was brought to the southern bath house and to the forum of Conimbriga.

W.D. Schram

Condeixa-a-Velha - CONIMBRIGA

Item Info
Length 3,4 km
Cross-section 0,58 x 1,40 m
Volume 5.700 m3/day
Fall ... %
Period Augustan
  • caput aquae in A.
  • castellum aquae in A.
  • six putei (manholes)
  • castellum aquae in C.

Recommended literature : J. de Alarcao and R. Etienne, Fouilles de Conimbriga part I (1977)
Recommended website : none
How to visit : follow the signs on the main road IC2 from Coimbra south to Pombal, just south of Condeixa-a-Velha. Alcabideque can be found when leaving the Conimbriga site, turn one time to the right, and afterwards two times to the left; in total a ride of 7 km

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Course of the aqueduct

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Caput aquae

The castellum aquae

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Castellum aquae

Castellum aquae




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Under the arch


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