Roman aqueducts: Cornalvo dam / Merida (Spain) Cornavo dam - aqueduct of Merida - AUGUSTA EMERITA
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Cornalvo aqueduct The Cornalvo aqueduct is of earlier date and about 17km long. The dam is 194 m long, 20 m high and on top 8 m broad with a few flights of stairs at the water side. The Cornalvo dam is also a earth dam covered with bricks, in this case with a separate inlet tower 10 m from the dam at the inside. The water channel enters the town on the east side. A few remnants of the aqueduct are still visible in the town.

How to visit : To the Cornalvo dam: take the Avenida Juan Carlos NE out of town, take the direction Madrid and cross the NV / E90; in Trujillanos follow the signs N to Cornalvo
To the conduit: look at the map for Via Ensanche (S of the Roman theater)
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Overview over the dam


The Cornalvo dam

Dam and inlet

Drawing of the dam

Behind the dam

Castellum aquae