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This aqueduct may have served the city of Lisbon or a local roman villa. Some 10 km from the city center, on the road from Ceneças to Belas or Quelez, the aqueduct starts with a roman build brick dam in the Carenque River. The dam still has a length of 15,5 m, was 7 m wide and 8 m high. The capacity of the dam was 125.000 m3. Its channel can be followed over some 1300 m but its course is then lost.

In the 16th century a 'new' elaborate aqueduct system started in the same area with clear lines into the city center. The most visible part is the 'Aguas Livres' aqueduct bridge in the central- west part of the town. Unfortunately some structures of this 'new' aqueduct partly ruined the classical roman dam, see illustrations.

Wilke D. Schram

Lisbon - OLISIPO

Item Info
Length 10 km? (1300 m known)
Cross-section 0,40 x 0,35 m
Volume 6.400 m3/day
Gradient %
Period 3 C AD?
  • roman dam
  • puteus (manhole)
  • waterfall

Recommended literature : J.C.G. Viegas and A.G.B. Gonzalez: Aqueduto romano da Amadora (1996)
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Map of the area

Aguas Livres

The Carenque dam


Dam in detail

Dam in detail

Cross-section of the specus