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Roman aqueducts: Nijmegen (The netherlands) Nijmegen - NOVIOMAGUS (Castra of legio X Gemina)
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A series of long existing earth works in the woods south of Nijmegen (NL) - six in total, possibly from the 1st c AD - could have been the preparations for a 5,5 km long aqueduct which destination was the castra of the 10th legion at the 'Kops Plateau' in Nijmegen. After intensive scientific research no remains are found of any water conduit: pieces of stone, metal rings (to tight wooden pipes), pieces of pottery and lead remains are absent.

On the other hand, there are many indications to support the aqueduct hypothesis:

Remarkably, a similar construction is present in Tongeren (Atuatuca Tongrorum) where a 6 km long earthen dam exists, possibly the substructure of an aqueduct of which the source is unknown and terminates close to the town wall. Hoogveld was the first person - in 1965 - who presented the idea of an aqueduct for the 10th legion, between 1995 and 2000 prof. dr. Ben Brus
The dry canal called Louisedal, in origin 7m deep and 2,5m wide could have been one of the caption areas, the water source for the aqueduct. It can easily be visited via a parking lot and an alley / wood-path at the N side of the Meerwijkselaan, Nijmegen (NL)
- a layman in this field, who wrote two private publications (Brus1997 and Brus1999, see literature list) - elaborated the concept but the most comprehensive research was done by drs. Peter A.C. Schut, staff member of the ROB (Dutch National Service for Archaeological Heritage - now RACM) who also conducted the fieldwork and made the earth works to a subject of his master thesis (2002 - 2005). The information here is mainly based on Schuts work (Schut 2005).

Topographical details (see also the map below):
Volunteers of the Gilde (guild) organisation in Nijmegen (NL) offer you a walking tour along the course of the aqueduct, see their website (in Dutch).

W.D. Schram

Army camp of the Xth legion Gemina, Kops Plateau CASTRA LEGIO X GEMINA

Item Info
Length 5,5 km
Cross-section conduit not present
Volume not applicable
Gradient 0,2 %
Period 1rst AD
  • only earth works
  • a pool as setling basin?

Recommended literature :
  • P.A.C. Schut: De aardwerken van Groesbeek: een aquaduct voor de Romeinse legioensvesting van Nijmegen? (ROB-RAM report nr 119 - 2005), schut2005 (in Dutch)
  • P.A.C. Schut: Ein Aquadukt fur das Römische Nijmegen? (SdFG vol 25, 2003), schut2003 (in German)
  • P.A.C. Schut a.o.: Een karterend booronderzoek rond het Kerstendal (Rapportage Archeologische Monumentenzorg vol 191, 2011)
Recommended website :
How to visit : see above. "The Guild" (Het Gilde) in Nijmegen offers you a guided walking tour along the remains of the aqueduct's substructure.

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