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Little is known of the sources of the aqueduct of Orange. The remains of the aqueduct and its substructure are visible adjacent to the town wall in the Avenue G. le Taciturne / Rue des Vieux Remparts east of the famous Arch at the north side of the town.

I.A. Richmond wrote: "Wall and aqueduct ran mostly side by side, only coalescing when the latter became sufficiently high to run on top of the former. Both then aim for the arch where there must have been a town-gate" (Richmond 1933).

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Item Info
Length unknown
Cross-section unknown
Volume unknown
Gradient unknown
Period Augustan

Recommended literature : Commemoretive arches and city gates in the Augustan age - I.A. Richmond (1933)
Recommended website : none
How to visit : Take the Rue Victor Hugo and the Avenue de l'Arc de Triomphe to the north, before the Arch turn to the right (Avenue G. le Taciturne).
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Substructure / town wall (1)

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Town wall and aqueduct