Aqua Appia

500m long section

A probably 500 meters long section of the Aqua Appia was revealed in the quarters of Centocelle /
Tor Tre Teste, near the Viale Palmiro Togliatti. This area is well known because of the elevated arches
of the Aqua Alexandrina. But during preparations for construction works in April 2017, a stretch of the
Aqua Appia was found at a level of 17 meters below the surface. The first discovery were nine shafts,
45 meters apart, measuring 2 x 2 m each. The horizontal channel was 2 m high and 0,75 - 0,90 m wide.
The location is near the 6th mile of the Via Penestina; this fits well with the description of the Appia
by Frontinus.