Aqua Appia

Porta Maggiore

This plan of R. Lanciani (1881) gives an interesting overview of the compex situation around the
Porta Maggiore with (bottom middle) the Aqua Claudia with the Anio Novus on top, see dvctvs
bottom middle. Both aqueducts made a sharp bend crossing the Via Labicana and the Via
Praenestina, followed by an other sharp bend to the top of the plan. The Aqua Marcia with the
Tepula and Julia on top, made here a soft bend (dvctvs aqvarum - middle right - towards Marciae
Tepvlae et Jvliae
- top right). Leaving apart the subterranean channel of the dvctvs anione
(Aqueduct Anio Vetus) almost parallel to the Via Praenestina.