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Roman aqueducts: Roma Vecchia - Porta Maggiore (Rome, Italy) Roma Vecchia - Porta Maggiore
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Remains of the Aqua Claudia and the Aqua Marcia are prominent at several places along this route to the southeast of Rome. All five of Rome's long and high volume aqueducts from the upper Anio followed the same narrow and barely visible crest of land into town, the waters to the north of which drain to the nearly Anio, those on the south side to the Tiber by way of the Marrana della Caffarella.

This low ridge that carried the ancient aqueducts is still a well-used utility strip for modern Rome, carrying the still-functioning 16th century aqueduct of pope Sixtus V called the Acqua Felice, as well as the railroad lines to Naples. Formerly the ridge also carried the trench of the Aqua Marrana Mariana, a medieval project bringing water from the Alban Hills to the Lateran section of town.

From: J.P. Aicher (1995): Guide to the aqueducts of Rome, pag 80

Recommended literature :
  • Peter J. Aicher (1995): Guide to the aqueducts of Ancient Rome
  • E.B. van Deman (1934): The building of the Roman aqueducts
  • Th. Ashby (1935): The Aqueducts of ancient Rome
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At the countryside

153 arches


View into the channel

Peperino stone

Why I came to Rome

Access to the arcade

Aqua Marcia's channel

Tufa blocks with grooves

Marcia and Felice

View into the channel

Casale Roma Vecchia

Scattered remains

Ancient reinforcements



Cistern and Felic


Aqueduct crossing

Another arcade

at Tor Fiscale

Channels with springer

Details of the channels

Felice at Tor Fiscale

In need of support

Stand-alone arches

at Porta Furba

Details at Porta Furba

Huge arcade

Clement XII's fountain

Beyond Porta Furba


Aqueduct with numbers

Felice bends again

Opus reticulatum

Heavy reinforcements

Extra support in channel

Crossing the Via Marrana

Coating in the channel

Acqua Felice

Splitting at P. Maggiore

Porta Maggiore

Porta Maggiore

Maggiore - Tiburtina 1

Maggiore - Tiburtina 2