Valencia de Alcàntara

Roman aqueducts: Valencia de Alcantara (Spain) Valencia de Alcantara
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This aqueduct obtained its water from the spring(s) in the San Pedro region and brought it to the town (or villa?) now known as Valencia de Alcàntara in the SW of Spain close to the Portuguese border. The most striking parts of the aqueduct are the ruins just outside Valencia. The structure now looks as a siphon but was built as a aqueduct bridge over the Peje river. In 'modern' times (19th c) the ruins of the bridge were reused for a siphon in a newly built aqueduct - the top half demolished and the bottom half preserved to act as a venter - in order to bring water to Valencia again.

Wilke D. Schram

Valencia de Alcàntara

Item Info
Length 8 km
Cross-section unknown
Volume unknown
Gradient ? %
Period unknown ?
  • aqueduct bridge 125m long
  • in 19th c rebuilt as a siphon
  • only 3 complete roman arches are left

Recommended literature : Acueducto Romano en España, F. Casado (1972)
Recommended website : Acueducto romano de Valencia de Alcantara (in Spanish)
How to visit : Take the N521 from Castelo de Vide (Portugal) to Caceres (Spain); 10 km after the P / Sp border and just before Valencia de Alcàntara, take the road to San Pedro and La Fontañera. After 500 m turn left into a lane. After an other 500 m there is the aqueduct bridge.

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The original aqueduct bridge


The Roman part

The 19th c conduit

The south side