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Roman aqueducts: Walfferdange (Luxembourg) Walfferdange / Raschpëtzer
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The 'Raschpëtzer-Qanat' in Helmsange wood 10 km N of the city of Luxembourg, is a good preserved subterranean conduit from the second century AD. Some of the 30 putei (schafts) are 36 m deep and are connected to each other forming one channel of about 600 m long excluding some side channels most of which are not researched yet.
The main channel collects the ground water intended for a yet unknown villa at the west side of the Pëtschend-hill. Until now some 15 putei have been located and dugged out.

All the work is done by a local group of hobbyists; they have started in 1967 and the work still continues.

Wilke D. Schram

Walferdange / Raspëtzer

Item Info
Length 0,6 km
Cross-section 0,7 x 0,7 m
Volume 180 m3/day
Gradient 1,2 %
Period 2 c AD
  • 30 manholes
  • Subterranean
    branch / overflow

Recommended literature : K. Grewe: Die Wiedergeburt eines groszartigen Technikbaus (in: Antike Welt, vol 34-4 (2003) pag 359)
Recommended website : A technical Masterpiece of the Roman Era including a detailed brochure in Franch / German
How to visit : Take a bike or train from Luxembourg to Walferdange / Helmsange, follow the CR125 to the east, after 1500m follow the signs into the wood.

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Puteus nr. +5

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Puteus nr. -4

Puteus nr. -4