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The Yzeron aqueduct had a few side branches but the main water supply came from a small lake at the W side of the village Yzeron, some 20 km SW of Lyon. From here the first 365 m are called 'Le canal de Monteroux'. The next 7 km consists of a tiny canal roofed with stone slabs. Its course here can be easily followed in the wood NE of Yzeron. In this part of the trace the aqueduct loosed fast height (from 715 - 600 m, 1,5%).

Further on the aqueduct followed the mountain-ridge with a slope of 8 % (!). To prevent severe problems hydraulic staircases were built with 30 - 100 m long horizontal conduits alternated with fall chambers. Some of these can be found in Le Recret, see photographs.

Some 8 km before Lyon the first of two successive siphons starts at La Tupinier (length of the siphons 2200 and 3800 m, deep 30 and 90 m) with a double tank-tower halfway in Craponne. Only two of the 14 pillars are visible now and are called 'Les Tourillons'. Together with the Aspendos double siphons in Turkey (actually there was a triple siphon) Les Tourillons were the only known examples in the Roman Empire.
Almost nothing has been left of the last part of the Yzeron aqueduct.

Wilke D. Schram


Item Info
Length 27 (+13) km
Cross-section 0,42-0,55 m x 1,00-1,25m
Volume 13.000 m3/day
Fall ... %
Period 20 - 10 BC
  • double siphon

Recommended literature : M. Jean Burdy: Préinventaire des monuments et richesses artistiques II L'Yzeron (1991)
Recommended website : Archeo Lyon
How to visit : See M. Jean Burdy: Guide des Aqueducs Romains de Lyon (1999) and the Recommended literature

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Yzeron, the lake

Yzeron, cross-section

Traces in the wood I

Traces in the wood II

Yzeron, general

Vaugneray, cross-section

Le Recret, specus

Le Recret, dropshaft

Le Recret, Dropshaft

Le Recret, Dropshafts

Craponne, Les Tourillons

Craponne, Les Tourillons

Craponne, les Tourillons

Aspendos, double tank-tower