Southwest of Aosta (north Italy) a local aqueduct was made for irrigation purposes. Its aqueduct bridge at Pondel / Pont d'Ael still offers a spectacular view. The construction of the bridge and the adjacent aqueduct channels - some 60 m above the river - in a narrow gorge, must have been a real challenge to the Roman engineers and construction workers (read: slaves).
On top is a road bridge.
This is one of a series of three aqueduct bridges to cross three valleys just north of Almunecar (Spain). This aqueduct is of special interest because it was, albeit its modest length (7 km), equipped with features like a tunnel, several bridges and a siphon.
Chabet Ilelouine bridge - part of the aqueduct of Cherchel (Algeria) seen from the NW. This bridge which crossed the gorge (= chabet) of the Ilelouine creek is the most spectacular one in Algeria: 33 m high, 137 m long and intact except for the collapse of two arches.

Highest Roman Aqueduct Bridges

Notwithstanding the general belief, the Pont du Gard (bridge in the aqueduct of Nimes, France) is not the highest Roman aqueduct bridge. This prerogative belongs to the Pont d'Ael (Pondel, near Aosta, Italy): 66 m above the mean level of the river, see the publications by prof. M. Doring (doring 1997c and 1998). On the other hand: the maximum single span of the Pont du Gard is 24,5 m but the Pont d'Ael counts only 14,25 m....

Note that the Pont d'Ael aqueduct bridge is higher than the highest Roman road bridge of Alcantara (Spain).
Name aqueduct Heighth (m) Literature Remarks
Aosta/Pondel, Pont d'Ael (Italy) 66,00 Doring 1997c, 1998 also road bridge
[Alcantara (Spain)] 50,33 White 1984 only road bridge !!
Nimes, Pont du Gard (France) 48,80 White 1984, Smith 1976, Hodger 1992, Burdy 1998 On a later date the road brdge was added
Constantinople (Turkey) 40,50 Crown 2008; Burdy 1998: 33m called Kursumlugerme
Pergamon, Kaikos (Turkey) 40,00 Fahlbusch 1982, Garbrecht 1992 Kaikos XIII, Karkasos
Constantinople (Turkey) 37,00 Crown 2008; Burdy 1998: 30m called Balligerme
[Narni (Italy)] 36,60 White 1984, Smith 1976 only road bridge !!
Constantinople (Turkey) 35,00 Crown 2008; Burdy 1998: 34m called Buyukgerme
Carthage (Tunisia) 34,00 Burdy 1998; Adam 1984: 38m called Oued Miliana
Cherchel (Algeria) 33,00 Adam 1984, Burdy 1998; Smith 197 & White 1984: 35,08m called Chebet Ilelouine
Constantinople (Turkey) 35,00 Crown 2008; Burdy 1998: 32m called Kecigerme
Metz (Ars - Joux)(France) 32,00 Adam 1989, Burdy 1998; Chanson 2002d: 30m brige over the river Moselle
Segovia (Spain) 30,50 Smith 1976, White 1984, Adam 1984  
Constantinople (Turkey) 30,00 Crown 2008; Burdy 1998: 29m called Kumarlidere
Pergamon, Madragad (Turkey) 30,00 Garbrecht 1992  
Tarragona (Spain) 27,00 Burdy 1998; Adam 1984: 30m  
Cherchel (Algeria) 26,00 Burdy 1998 called Oued Bellah
Merida (Spain) 25,93 Smith 1976, White 1984 called Los Milagros
Rome, Anio Vetus 25,00 Burdy 1998 called San Gregorio

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