Cover of the famous book The Building of the Roman aqueducts by Esther Bois van Deman Cover of the Guide to the aqueducts of ancient Rome by Peter J. Aicher Cover of the well-known book of prof. dr. A. Th. Hodge: Roman aqueducts and water supply Drawing of dr. Thomas Ashby, the writer of the famous book The aqueducts of ancient Rome
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Basic Literature on Roman aqueducts

Some Hints
  1. Use 'Hodge' as a starter for aqueducts in general and 'Aicher' as an introduction into the 11 aqueducts of Rome.
  2. If these books are not available, use the papers of this website: 'Historical introduction' for aqueducts in general and 'Dembskey' as an intro to Rome's aqueducts.
  3. For a dated but not outdated describtion of the aqueducts of Rome, the works of Esther B. Deman en Thomas Asbby are of invaluable value
  4. There are also some introductory articles on the aqueducts on Rome, see the subsite Rome under Rome
  5. Looking for a subject for a paper, report, treatise or thesis? Look at 'Some 16 (+2) intruiging questions'.