Examples of basins inside and outside Rome

→ Near the source

Collecting basin at Wissous.
The water from several channels was collected here and formed the start (left) of the aqueduct of Paris
Settling basin at Grüner Pütz, the start (upper right) of the aqueduct of Köln (Germany)

→ En route

Settling basin also acting as a stilling basin after a small chute.
At Uzčs, one of the regulation basins of the aqueduct of Nimes; overflow water could be diverted to a river nearby.
Grotte Sconce near Tivoli, an important re-distribution facility where the Anio Novus had side-branches with three splitting / junction basins to the Aqua Claudia, Marcia and Anio Vetus
Diversion basin to facilitate a bend in this terracotta pipeline in the pre-Roman Eupalinos aqueduct at Samos
A stilling basin at the east end of the aqueduct bridge with double conduit over the river Moselle in Jouy-aux-Arches, part of the aqueduct of Metz (France)
Plans of several transition basins of the siphons in the Gier aqueduct of Lyon (France) where the water flow in an open conduit was tranferred in several water flows in lead pipes

→ Near or in the town

The well known setlling basin in a side-branch of the Virgo aqueduct in Rome.
Storage basin behind the Bath of Caracalla.
The aqueduct water came from top left (nr 43) en was poured out into a kind of distribution facility (nr 44) after which the water was stored in the many chambers of this storage basin.
A drawing, made bij Piransi, of one of the major distribution basins of Rome, the combined one of the Aqua Claudia and the Anio Novus.
Street-side basin in Ostia (Italy) where ordinary people could slake one's thirst or scoop the water into buckets.