Elements for a Catalogue of Basins

Three strorage basins under the Ministry of Finance
Lanciani's Tavole VI.1a
Botte di Termini, the major storage basin near the Baths of Diocletianus
Cattalini pag 52
Storage and/or settling basin, the trapezoidal basin of Fabretti close to the Villa Vignacce, Romavecchia
Fabretti/Evans 2002 pag 150
Storage basin near the Baths of S. Helena
Parker Hist Photo 410, see Lanciani 1897 pag 399
Settling basin
at the start of the Aqua Alexandrina
Fabretti/Evans2002 pag 26
Settling basin (tower) with annex a storage basin with four chambers near Villa della Vignacce, Romavecchia
Pisani Sartorio pag 56
Settling basin, Fabretti's double basin near Villa Bertone who thought erroneously that this structure were the combined settling basins of the Aqua Claudia and the Anio Novus.
Fabretti/Evans 2002 pag 152
The well known settling basin in a side-branch of the Virgo aqueduct
Fabretti/Evans 2002 pag 125
"Six of these waters are received in covered settling-tanks located this side of the seventh milestone on the Latin Road" according to Frontinus 19.1 in a translation by R.H. Rodgers 2003 inwhich piscina has been translated as settling tanks - I prefer the word basins here. The six were the Anio Vetus, Aqua Marcia, Tepula, Julia, Claudia and Anio Novus. Only the basin of the Anio Novus has been attested, near Villa Bertone.
Rodgers 2004 pag 349
The only known remains of the (second order) distribution basin(s) of the Aqua Claudia and the Anio Novus, as drawn by Piranesi as 'Castello dell'Acque e Anione Nuovo'
Piranesi Antichita I tav 38 fig I; Lanciani Tavole II.5a
A (possible) first order distribution basin, the small circular tower near Porta Viminalis near Statione Termini
Lanciani's Tavole II.2a; Nash 1961/68 pag 51
Splitting for the Hadrian's loop by means of a plug (tappo) and a penstock (sluice gate; paratoia), without any basin !
Ashby pag 197; Roncaioli Lamberti 1986 pag 92
Splitting basin in the Aqua Marcia at the start of the Rivus Herculaneus
Piranesi Antichita I tav 38 fig 2
Storage and settling basin in the Anio Novus with annex three splitting / junction basins at a place called Grotte Sconce; cross-links to the Aqua Claudia, Aqua Marcia and Anio Vetus
Ashby pag 278
Splitting in the Aqua Claudia near Osteriola without any basin or other control mechanism ??
Ashby pag 268
Splitting and joint without basins (??) on both sides of the aqueduct double bridge of the Anio Novus in the Valle Barberini
Ashby pag 270
Drawing not available Junction basin also acting as settling basin near Gericomo where the Tivoli-loop and the shortcut via de Valle Barberini of the Anio Novus met