Piscina and Castella

On basins and control mechanisms in Roman aqueducts, Part 2

Illustrations to paragraph 3. Distribution basins of Appendix II General description of ten types of basins

Distribution basin as described by Vitruvius.
Non of the archaeological attested distribution basins have this lay-out.
Drawing after C. Germain de Montauzan 1908.
(Second order) distribution basin in Pompeii (Italy)
Distribution basin at Nīmes (France).
The inlet upper right was equiped with a single pair of grooves; on the opposite side there were 5 double sets of outlets equiped with massive lead pipes. At the bottom three openings which function(s) are unclear.
Distribution basin at Tebourba (Tunisia).
Rectangular basin with one inlet O and three outlets (C, C' and C''), one of which (C) controlled by a sluice.
Drawing by C. Germain de Montauzan 1908.
Distribution basin at Apamea (Syria).
Round table of stone with a stand-up collar, in the middel one incoming pipe and at the edge a ring of 12 outgoing pipes; control by means of massive or peirced plugs.
Drawing: C. Romeijn
Subterranean distribution under the Roman town of Gadara (Jordan)
A distribution facility in one of the two aqueduct tunnels of Gadara to unknown users.
Drawing: Kerner 2004
Complex distribution basin in Tipasa (Algeria) with a settling basin annex plus a overflow facility.
Drawing after Aupert 1974 and Leveau 1976
One of the ditribution (?) basins in the aqueduct of Carthago (Tunisia).
Ellis (1996) thinks that the difference in height of the two oulets and a possible gatedoor pivoting on a pole ware used as control mechanisms; Wilson (1998) doubts.
Drawing after Ellis1996.
One of the many first order distribution basins in Pompeii (Italy) with a street-side basin in front.
On top of the towers a lead tank (basin) has been attested with one inlet near the top (??) and several outlets in / near the bottom of the tank. These towers had also a function for press reduction als the water distribution system - like Pompeii as a whole - was built on a sloping terrain.
Possible first or second order distribution basin on the SE edge of the road just outside Porta Viminalis; until recently on the square in front of Statione Termini in Rome.
The relation with the aqueduct(s) in unclear.