Inscriptions suggesting control

Inscriptions from North-Africa

References to four inscriptions suggesting control mechanisms in Roman aqueducts in Northern Africa: CIL 8.21081, ILAf 285, CIL 8.23991 (=ILS 5776), and -- (Wilson 1997)

Other epigraphical material

suggesting control mechanisms in Roman aqueducts

CIL 6.1261
Plan plus related text depicting an aqueduct, branches and on certain places interruptions which seem to represent sluice gates
CIL 14.3676 / CIL 8.448
Regulations for use of (aqueduct) water in the area of Tibur, setting sizes of channels and lenth of time for acces
CIL 6.31566
Description of the distribution of Alsietina water by allotment of time
CIL 8.4440 / CIL 8.18587
Part of a decree that records the arrangements for time dependant irrigation, found in Lamasba (N.Africa)