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This site is part of the overview and reconstruction work of the 3D geometric models of the Mathematical Department, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

Overview of the Chasis-and-Wire models.
Which Chassis-and-Wire model of Schilling is present in which collection?

For more information, contact Wilke D. Schram
October 2015

Links of the Karazin Kharkiv National University (Ukraine)
University Collections in Germany

Name + link Volume Producer Indexed
Amsterdam (NL) 140 75% Schilling not yet, no pics
Arizona 135 Baker; Ross Unknown
Coimbra (Port) 100- Schilling Fully
Delft (NL) 70 Schilling a.o. Partly
Dresden (Germ) 112 Schilling a.o. Fully
Dundee (UK) Unknown Schilling Inaccesible
Germany 1000 Schilling a.o. Partly
Gottingen (Germ) 150+ Schilling Pagenrs +
Groningen (NL) 120 models Schilling Fully
Halle-Wittenberg (Germ) 100+ Schilling Fully by query
Harvard 1 75 Schilling Partly
Harvard 2 75 Schilling Partly
Illinois 170 Schilling (Altgeld-collection) >Unknown
Jerusalem 15 Schilling Fully
Lesley / Angela Vierling 22 Diverse Partly
Naples Unknown Schilling a.o. Partly
Leiden (NL) 100 Diverse (50% Schilling) not yet
London Mathematical Society (UK) 14 prof. dr. Plücker n.a.
Marburg (Germ) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Milano (It) 50 Schilling No
Oxford 80+ Diverse, mainly Schilling On mathematical thema's
HP-Paris 100 Unknown via Pinterest
Pavia (It) 160 Schilling ? Unstable
Tokyo 25 Schilling No
Ukraine - Overview 100+ Schilling Provisional
Ukraine - Karazin Touch-project 100+ Schilling Mathematically
Utrecht (NL) 100+ Schilling Provisional
TU Wien 100+ Schilling Partly