3D geometric Schilling models

Type: Chassis and Wire, ordered as in Schilling's catalogue 1911

An overview of the chassis-and-wire models in the Schilling catalogue 1911.
Of the models only one example is presented here; most of them will be also present in other collections, see What is Where.
Still missing pictures of S33.1 and 2.

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March, 2016

S12.1 Illinois S12.2 Illinois S12.3 Illinois S12.4 Utrecht
S13.1 Groningen S13.2 Groningen S13.3 Groningen S13.4 Groningen
S13.5 Groningen S13.6 Dresden
[=RUG Various 16]
S13.7 Groningen S13.8 Padua
S13.9 Dresden
[=RUG Various 17]
S13.10 Groningen    
S18.1 Halle-Wittenberg S18.2 Halle-Wittenberg S18.3 Halle-Wittenberg S18.4 Halle-Wittenberg
S20.1a Dresden S20.2 Dresden S20.3 Gottingen S20.4 Gottingen
S20.5 Gottingen S S S
S21.1 Utrecht S21.2 Utrecht S21.3 Illinois S21.4 Illinois
S21.5 Illinois S21.6 Illinois S21.7 Illinois S
S33.1 MISSING S33.2 MISSING S33.3 Illinois