12. You want to know more?

What should I know more about aqueducts?
On the internet there are enough stupid answers to good questions.
Here a set of questions with relevant answers, some of which are linked to related subjects as discussed in other places within this website www.romanaqueducts.info

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  1. What should I know about Roman aqueducts?
  2. Where can I find detailed information on Roman aqueducts?
  3. Are there any good books about Roman aqueducts?
Eight out of many books on Roman aqueducts. For a more complete overview see Aqualit.
Major works are A.T. Hodge (1992/2002): Roman Aqueducts & Water Supply, and P.J. Aicher (1995): Guide to the Aqueducts of Ancient Rome.
For a selection see subsite.
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The basic facts about Roman aqueducts can be found on the introductory page of the AquaClopedia.
This website is strongly linked to other interesting pages on subthemes. Looking for concrete examples of ancient aqueducts, see Aquasite.
For books, see the webpage on Literature.
On our site you can also find some interesting articles.