13. Other questions

Where can I put my other questions?
On the internet there are enough stupid answers to good questions.
Here a set of questions with relevant answers, some of which are linked to related subjects as discussed in other places within this website www.romanaqueducts.info

Additional questions and remarks are most welcome via w.d.schram 'at' romanaqueducts.info


  1. Where is a Roman aqueduct museum?
  2. Your question??
View into the museum near the Pont du Gard in Remoulin (France).
Fistulae Plumbae means Lead Pipes, Claocae are Drains.
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1. Close to the famous Pont du Gard, one of the bridges of the aqueduct of Nimes, is a nice museum, see the website.

2. Additional questions and remarks are welcome via w.d.schram 'at' romanaqueducts.info