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The Annotated Web Resources on Roman Aqueducts

Best aqueduct websites per country


Traianvs.net, the European portal of Roman engineering (1999 - present) (mainly Spanish)
R.D. Hansen: Waterhistory.org
Scribd.com on ancient Roman water supply
G. Temporelli and F. de Novellis on siphons (2009)
R. Covington: The art and science of water (2006)
K.D. Matthews: Roman aqueduct, technical aspects of their construction (1970)
Hydriaproject.info, discover the wealth of the Mediterranean water management heritage (2009)
Bernd Liermann / Antikfan: Antike Wasserversorgung (in German)
Theoria Romana: Wasserversorgung (2010?) (in German)
Steve NN / Weburbanist: pictures of 15 Roman aqueducts

Ancient literature on Rome

C. Herschel: Frontinus and the water supply of Rome (1899/1913)
Frontinus: De Aquaeductu Urbis Romae (Latin)
Frontinus: On the water-management of the city of Rome
Vitruvius: De architectura libri decem (Latin)
Vitruvius: De Architectura, the ten books on architecture
R. Fabretti: De aquis et aquaeductibus veteris Romae (1680) (Latin)
J.H. Parker: Archaeology of Rome part VIII: The Aqueducts (1876)
Th. Ashby: The aqueducts of ancient Rome (1935)

Websites and articles devoted to the aqueducts of Rome

E.J. Dembskey: The aqueducts of ancient Rome (2009)
AqueductHunter.com (2010)
A. Pollett: Aqueducts (2008?)
A. Schlaf: Aqueducts of Rome under Augustus, part one and two (2000)
Imperivm Romanvm: Acquedotti Romani (Italian)
Il Pinolo (pine nuts) (2009?) (Italian)
T. Licht: Entdecke ein anderes Rom, Aquadükte (2010) (German)
K. Wentworth Rinne: Aquae Urbis Romae, the waters of the city of Rome (2008)

Miscelaneous on Roman aqueducts

C.W. Passchier: Romaq, the atlas project of Roman aqueducts (2012)
S. Klein: Aqueducts and Euergetism in the Roman republic (2008-2009)
J. Grout: Lead Poisoning and Rome (undated)
M.K. Malott: Nomine Caesaris, and examination of the propagandistic functions of the aqueducts of Rome during the early empire (2004?)
T. Apostel: The tunnel of Samos (2004)
M. Nikolic: Cross-Disciplinary Investigation of Ancient Long-Distance Water Pipelines (2008)
Z. Kamash: Water Supply and Management in the Near East, 63 BC - AD 636 (2006)
G. Hoffmann: Romische Aquadukte auf Briefmarken (2008 - 2010) (German): nr 13 (2008) pag 36 - 40 nr 14 (2009) pag 35 - 40 nr 15 Anhang 1 (2010) pag 1 - 9
W.D. Schram: Roman aqueducts on coins (2007)

Related subjects

Peutinger map / Tabula Peuteringeriana (2003)
René Voorburg: Omnes Viae (2009)
F. Ravelli and P. Howarth: Etruscan Cuniculi: tunnels for the collection of pure water (1984)
M. Abattouy: Muhammad Al-Karaji, a mathematician (2009)
J. Rychener: Wasser als Müll (water as waste) (2006) (German)
D. Moore: Roman concrete (2004?)
P. Briant: Irrigation et Drainage dans l'antiquite (2001) PERSIKA 2 (in French)

Associations on ancient water supply

Frontinus Gesellschaft (1976 - present) (German)
Deutsch Wasser historisch Gesellschaft (DWhG) (2002 - present) (German)


Acta diurna: Aqueducts-1 (undated) (Russian)
M.L. Anderson: Roman aqueducts (undated)

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