Kirkgoz bridge (40 arches) of the aqueduct of Side (Turkey)
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This website on Roman aqueducts aims to show what marvellous work has been done by engineers and architects of the Roman empire.
Water is a commodity that all humanity needs, and we dedicate this website to the builders of the Roman aqueducts and to all people who now live in the same lands, and who need the water just as much as our ancestors 2000 years ago.
We hope that this website will show what unites us in this beautiful part of the world around 'our sea',

Wilke Schram
Driek van Opstal
Cees Passchier

Most photos and maps are our own and may be used free only for non-commercial purposes and with the name(s) of the copyright owner(s):

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Language Translation Alternative
English aqueduct (aquaduct)
Welsh dyfrffosydd traphont dwr
Dutch aquaduct waterleiding
German Wasserleitung Aquädukt
French aqueduc  
Catalan aqüeducte  
Spanish acueducto  
Portuguese aqueduto  
Gallego acueduto  
Basque akueduktu  
Swedish akvedukt  
Italian acquedotto (aquedotto)
Hungarian vízvezeték  
Slovenian ackvadukt  
Croatian akvadukt  
Serbian akvadukt
Albanian ujësjëlles  
Bulgarian akvedukt
Ukrainian akveduk
Romanian apeduct conductã de apã
Greek υδραγωγειο  
Turkish su kemeri kemerli su yolu
Hebrew ammat myim
Arabic unboub myah
Azeri kӘhriz qanat
Farsi qanat